Gender balance as a poster and brochure

Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement

Calls for proposals with an application deadline from and including 2022 will include a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement at the organisational level for applicants and partners that must be met when the grant agreement is signed.

The business sector, special interest organisations and the non-profit sector are exempt from the requirement.

Policy for gender balance and gender perspectives in research and innovation

The policy sets out how the Research Council will:

  • be a national and international driving force to promote gender balance and knowledge about gender perspectives in research and innovation;
  • systematically assess the gender dimension in the Research Council’s investments in research and innovation;
  • strengthen and expand the knowledge base on gender balance and gender perspectives for research and innovation policy.

Download the policy (pdf)

Two-year plan for several female professors

The videos from the projects are produced by the University of Agder and cover four different topics:

  • The first theme is masculinity in academia. What does it consist of and how is it expressed?
  • The second theme is mange mulige veier til toppen. It is not always as easy for talented women (nor for all talented men) to identify with the traditional role of professor.
  • The third theme is called fra jeg til vi. Research is an interplay, and the notion of the professor working alone from morning to night is no longer normal. This makes room for more young, talented researchers, not least for women.
  • The fourth theme is about å ta vare på de unge. The gender roles of the next generation do not fit the role of the old professor. This is first and foremost a managerial responsibility to change.

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