Ethical standards in research

All projects funded by the Research Council are required to maintain high ethical standards. The responsibility for ensuring compliance with the applicable statutory framework and ethical guidelines lies with the institution/entity responsible for the project.

All applicants for Research Council funding must clarify any ethical issues related to the implementation of their projects and provide an explanation of how these will be dealt with. This will be given consideration in the grant application assessment.

Guidelines for research ethics

An overview of general guidelines for research ethics as well as more specific, subject-oriented guidelines can be found on the website of the Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics

The guidelines deal with the following:

  • standards of good research practice and relations among researchers;
  • relations between researchers and other people;
  • obligations of research to society.

For advice regarding ethical issues in research projects, please contact the Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics.

Scientific misconduct

Scientific misconduct should first be reported to the specific institution. Each institution has its own reporting procedures.

If you have any questions regarding how to report scientific misconduct, contact the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct.

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