Timeline for grant application processing at the Research Council

Application received

After your grant application is submitted via “My RCN Web” you will be sent confirmation of receipt by email. The name of the case officer and project number will be provided later.

Preliminary administrative review

Applications that do not fulfil the formal requirements may be rejected. Applicants will be notified of the decision.

Scientific assessment

Proposals seeking funding in excess of NOK 500 000 will be assessed by external referees. Other proposals will be assessed internally within the Research Council.

Funding decisions

The final decision on funding will normally be taken by one of the Research Council’s portfolio boards. The decision is based on the referee assessments.

Notification of the outcome

Notification of the outcome is provided via “My RCN Web” and email. All applicants receive an explanation regardless of the funding decision. A list of the projects granted funding is published on our website.

Sign the contract

Projects that have been awarded funding sign a contract with the Research Council.

Timeline for grant application processing at the Research Council

Assessment by referees

Grant applications are assessed in relation to the assessment criteria and guidelines set out in the call for proposals. Most grant applications are assessed by panels comprising multiple referees. Experience shows that this leads to a qualitatively better review process and more constructive feedback to the applicants. The panels provide a consensus-based assessment of each grant application.

The Research Council recruits experts from internationally leading research and innovation circles. The referee assessments form the basis for the decision of whether to grant a project funding.

Applicants may themselves recommend specific external experts to serve as referees. The Research Council is not required to use the recommended experts, and grant applications will always be reviewed by others in addition to these experts. Applicants may also state any appropriately justified objections they have regarding the use of a specific expert, but we are not required to take this into account.

Common assessment criteria

Funding decisions

The external referees assign marks for each of the three assessment criteria and rank the individual applications. The Research Council’s internal scientific advisors will then assess the relevance of the application in relation to the priorities stated in the relevant call. This relevance assessment is not carried out for applications submitted to open competitive arenas for researcher grants.

The Research Council administration will draw up a recommended ranking of the submitted grant proposals. Recommendations are based on the referee assessments, an assessment of relevance (if applicable) and overall assessment of all the applications submitted in response to the call.

The final decision regarding the approval or rejection of grant proposals is normally taken by one of the Research Council’s portfolio boards.

The portfolio boards review the recommendation and take the final decision regarding funding allocations. The portfolio boards are responsible for ensuring that the funded proposals as a whole will lead to optimal achievement of the board’s objectives.

All applicants receive the grounds for the funding decision.

After application processing has been concluded, applicants will receive the referee panel’s assessment. A list of all referees used to review grant applications will be published on our website.