EU Missions in Horizon Europe

The European Commission has identified five societal challenges, missions, that it wants concrete and ambitious solutions to by 2030. The social missions mean that research and innovation policy focuses even more on solving global challenges. By linking research and innovation more closely to political strategies, regulations and data services, solutions will be created faster than before.

Five social missions designated

  1. Adaptation to climate Change, including Societal Change
  2. Cancer
  3. Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030
  4. 100 Climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030
  5. A soil deal for Europe

Missions go far beyond research and innovation. Emphasis will be placed on greater government control and broad participation from all sectors across policy areas. Industry and business participation are important in the EU's social mission, but so far innovation in the public sector and the regional perspective has received most attention.

Read more about the various social missions of the EU.

Great opportunities for Norwegian participants

For Norwegian participants in all sectors, the EU's Missions is an unique opportunity to contribute cutting-edge expertise to groundbreaking international projects to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

The European Commission has allocated EUR 1.89 billion for the period 2021-23 to the five societal challenges. This corresponds to about NOK 18 billion and is taken from the Horizon Europe programme. In addition, the social missions are expected to receive substantial funding also from other EU sources and programmes, national funds and private investments.

The principle behind the Missions mindset is based on portfolios of projects targeting complex problems to be solved. Close cooperation between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and the rest of the funding agencies, as well as directorates and other sources of funding, is therefore important.

Calls for proposals will be published on the EU funding and tender portal: Funding & tenders (

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