Impartiality in administrative proceedings

In order to guarantee sound administration of state funding, the Research Council has a set of procedures in place to ensure that our employees, referees and board members are impartial in all the work they perform.

It is important for all our users to know that the individuals who are preparing the basis for or taking a decision in a case are impartial. A person may be disqualified if, for instance, he or she has a close professional association with a party to the case or has a potential for personal gain or loss in connection with a decision.

Legislation and regulations on impartiality

All individuals who take part in decision-making at the Research Council must comply with the provisions relating to impartiality set out in Chapter II “Concerning disqualification” of the Public Administration Act. In addition, we have adopted our own regulations on impartiality and confidence in order to elaborate and further clarify the provisions of the Act in relation to our specific activities. In some areas, our regulations are more stringent.

The Research Council Impartiality and Appeals Panel

The Research Council has established a dedicated Impartiality and Appeals Panel to provide advice on questions relating to impartiality to all Research Council employees, referees, board members and members of advisory bodies.

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Important message

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