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Approximately 8 million euros available for an international call aiming to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs through the implementation of results from ongoing or recently finalised research and innovation projects, within the context of governance, societal structures and economy.

The call seeks innovative approaches to development, adaptation, design or improvement of existing or new tools that promote and/or facilitate the achievement of the SDGs. With the above in mind, projects applying for funding through this call must be based on existing or recently completed (completed in 2017 or later) research and/or innovation projects. The research and outcomes of the projects funded should lead to impact on society and improve the livelihoods of people on the ground.

Projects applying for funding should use a consortia approach with a diversity of partners co-designing the project. It is crucial that the project fosters societal ownership and empowerment of outcomes through the meaningful involvement of researchers, local authorities, communities, NGOs, i.e., relevant actors and stakeholders. Consortia should structure themselves in alignment with the thematic focus and objectives of the call.

Read the full call for proposals and apply on the Sustainable development Goals Pilot 2022 website.

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