Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking

Work programme 2021

Key Digital Technologies is a European partnership under Horizon Europe with a focus on electronic components and systems technologies. It is a tripartite partnership with the European Commission, industrial organisations and participating countries developing the work programme and share project support. Applicants should make certain to read and understand national requirements before applying for funding.

Key Digital Technologies (KDT JU) work programme for 2021 comprises three concurrent Calls for Proposals addressing 5 topics with submissions on 27 April 2022.

  • Two general topics (RIA and IA) address a broad range of the challenges set in 2021-SRIA of KDT-JU
  • Focus Topic (IA): Development of open-sources RISC-V building blocks
  • Focus Topic (RIA): Processing solutions for AI at the edge addressing the design
  • CSA - A Pan-European chip infrastructure for design innovation

Norway is participating in this call with a national matching budget of 2 Million Euros via ICTPLUSS programme.

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