Amplifying funding to ERA-NET BlueBio - Third Additional Call Targeted Announcement

Amplifying project reach and knowledge impact

ERA-NET BlueBio Cofund announces approximately EUR 560.000 in amplifying project reach and knowledge impact for ongoing projects from ERA-NET BlueBio Cofund.

This call is only open for organisations already participating in a BlueBio-project and are financed by one of the institutions in the countries contributing with funding in this call (Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Malta and Norway). Project participants can apply for funding to the following activities:

  • Dissemination of research and results (DISS)
  • Training, exchange and capacity building (TECB)
  • Business and commercialisation preparation (BCOM)
  • Mapping of relevant policy landscape (MPOL)
  • Barriers to commercialisation pathway (BARR)

Available funding for Norwegian participation in this call is EUR 400.000. Applicant/project owner must be participating in an ongoing BlueBio project to be eligible for funding from The Research Council of Norway. The requested total funding from Norwegian partners cannot exceed 20 000 euro per proposal. One exception is if the project is in collaboration with one of the two BlueBio projects without a corresponding funding organisation. In that case maximum funding can be increased to 30 000 euro. The actual payout will be in Norwegian kroner. The total sum is based on the actual currency on the date for deadline for the proposal.

Conditions for funding

Funding awarded to a research organisation is only to go to the organisation’s non-economic activity. It does not therefore constitute state aid. The Research Council requires a clear separation of accounts for the organisation’s economic and non-economic activities. Support will be awarded to undertakings as de minimis aid. This means that an undertaking may receive maximum EUR 200,000 in de minimis aid over a period of three years. Before the disbursement of de minimis aid, the Research Council will request written confirmation and an overview of all other de minimis aid the undertaking has received during the three last fiscal years. For undertakings that are part of a group of companies, the maximum limit generally applies to the group as a whole. See also the EU Directive on de minimis aid (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013).

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