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Crisis – Perspectives from the Humanities

Proposals may involve investigating a variety of perspectives from one or several of the following sub-themes: Different understandings of crises, Crises and the human response, The representation of crises.

We wish to invite transnational consortia to submit humanities-led proposal which will address innovative outlooks on the phenomena of crises past and present. Proposed research may draw upon insights and methodologies from a wide spectrum of arts and humanities disciplines. Although humanities-driven, consortia are able to involve contributions from other research domains where appropriate. 

Proposals may involve investigating a variety of perspectives from one or several of the following sub-themes:

Different understandings of crises

Proposals focusing on the conceptualization of crisis may investigate how all crises have a discursive dimension. Proposals could address: if a theory of crisis is possible and what advantages the concept has over other rival ones? How crisis is used in particular contexts, what tensions are generated and effects created? The significance of crisis within different cultural traditions, the transcultural exchanges and their impacts on understandings; narratives of crisis; critical research theories or methodologies that have caused crises in the Humanities resulting in major conceptual transformations and research on the impact of human activities on climate and the environment from a humanities perspective. 

Crises and the human response 

In both media and politics, the term ‘crisis’ is and was frequently used to dramatize a situation, to generate the perception of a looming threat or impending disaster, which creates a risk of escalation on the basis of polarised emotional reactions. Proposals could investigate the questions: how do/did media, politics and other entities contribute to the escalation or/and de-escalation and resolving of crises? How do/did some assertions of belonging create, contribute to or respond to crises? Is the concept of crisis an effective tool for analysis and explanation in the political, cultural, intellectual and economic domains? 

The representation of crises 

Proposals might investigate the evolving representations (or poetics) of crises, i.e., the changing representations of crisis resulting from transformations of heritage and cultural memory. Proposals could address: the immediate responses to and different representations of crises in literature, philosophy and the arts; the extended forms of commemoration, post-memory reinterpretations; whose vision of crisis is represented in the media, literature and the creative and performative arts and why are they chosen?

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