Centres of Excellence for supporting supercomputing applications for Science and Innovation


Advancing the transition towards exascale capabilities by developing or scaling up existing parallel codes, resulting into effective applications to solve scientific, industrial or societal challenges and addressing the needs of the user communities.

The Centres of Excellence (CoE) address scientific and industrial applications and user communities that run world leading codes or ensembles that aggregate to pre-exascale workloads, and may require exascale resources in specific cases. All CoEs should be user-driven and inherently committed to co-design activities to ensure that future HPC architectures are well suited for the applications and their users (both from academia and industry), providing a high performance and scalable application base. CoEs should federate existing resources around Europe, exploiting available competences, and ensuring multidisciplinary (combining application domain and HPC system, software and algorithm expertise) and synergies with national/regional programmes. CoEs should further enlarge and expand these capabilities all over Europe, in particular by including users communities from EU countries currently developing and advancing their HPC infrastructure and ecosystem (e.g. countries not currently hosting Tier 0 and/or Tier 1 supercomputing facilities).

Read more about the call for proposals and apply on the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking webpage.


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