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The Aurora Mobility Programme – Researcher Exchange for New Collaboration Between Norway and France

Important dates

02 Aug 2023

Open for applications

13 Sep 2023

Application deadline

01 Jan 2024

Earliest permitted project start

01 Jun 2024

Latest permitted project start

30 May 2026

Latest permitted project completion date

Important dates


The support provided through the AURORA mobility programme should contribute to establishing and expanding contact between research organisations in Norway and corresponding organizations in France. The purpose is to strengthen European research collaboration under Horizon Europe. 

Researchers from Norway may seek support for funding for short-term visits in France for the purpose of launching and developing new joint research projects. 

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
2 069 000
Amount awarded
849 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
349476UNIVERSITETET I BERGENExtending Tractability Bounds: Logic and Structure for AlgorithmsInternasjonalisering 80 00020.12.2023
349488UNIVERSITETET I OSLOBusiness and Society in Challenging Spaces: The Role of ESG in Fragile and Conflict-Affected SettingsInternasjonalisering 80 00020.12.2023
349514NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUCollaboration On Nature-based solutions Performance AssessmentInternasjonalisering 100 00020.12.2023
349589STIFTELSEN NORGES GEOTEKNISKE INSTITUTTIonospheric monitoring of tsunamis from low-earth orbit satellitesInternasjonalisering 80 00020.12.2023
349487OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETETPolymer architected structures for Traffic Energy absorbers in Transport Infrastructural systemsInternasjonalisering 100 00020.12.2023
349544UNIVERSITETET I BERGENExchange and Collaboration for Paleo Ice Sheet IntegrationInternasjonalisering 100 00020.12.2023
349577HØYSKOLEN KRISTIANIA - ERNST G MORTENSENS STIFTELSESustainability Wine Labelling: A French – Norwegian Scientific CooperationInternasjonalisering 40 00020.12.2023
349490HØGSKULEN PÅ VESTLANDETNorwegian-French collaboration in nanofluid heat transferInternasjonalisering 60 00020.12.2023
349524STIFTELSEN NORSARDASGEO: Artificial Intelligence investigation of Geo-mass movements using Distributed Acoustic SensingInternasjonalisering 39 00020.12.2023
349509NORGES IDRETTSHØGSKOLEGender equality through sustainable work life for leaders and coaches in sportInternasjonalisering 100 00020.12.2023
349485NORD UNIVERSITETUnraveling the effects of biotic interactions on snow algae behaviourInternasjonalisering 70 00020.12.2023

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