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Green Platform Initiative 2023

Submission of a project outline to the deadline of 8 March is mandatory and constitutes the first phase of the application process for this year's Green Platform call for proposals. Applications to the main call that are not based on a submitted project outline submitted by the deadline, will be rejected.

Important dates

08 Mar 2023

Deadline for submission of sketch at 13:00

14 Apr 2023

Latest feedback on project outlines

07 Jun 2023

Last deadline for submitting the main call for proposals (midnight)

December 2023

Expected funding decision

01 Jan 2024

Earliest permitted project start

01 Mar 2024

Latest permitted project start

31 Dec 2026

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The Green Platform Initiative aims to accelerate the green transition in the business sector by supporting projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 going towards a low-emission society in 2050. Projects must be ambitious with significant environmental and climate benefits and great value creation potential.

Projects must form links between activities such as research, development and testing, as well as specific plans for implementation, commercialisation and scaling. Projects are to generate new knowledge, technology and solutions.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
3 200 000 000
Amount awarded
572 820 150
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
346603NAVTOR ASGreen AI for Sustainable ShippingIndustri og tjenestenæringen57 702 00014.12.2023
346610NORTURA SAReduce, Reuse, Recycle; Sirkulære løsninger og redusert forbruk av jomfruelig plast til matemballasjeIndustri og tjenestenæringen67 163 00014.12.2023
346625VIANODE ASGreenBox - et spydspissprosjekt for prosessindustrien i det grønne skiftetIndustri og tjenestenæringen79 899 00014.12.2023
346690AVA OCEAN ASOceanGreen: Maximizing Economic Value through Restored Kelp Forests and Sustainable FisheriesIndustri og tjenestenæringen49 352 00014.12.2023
346697SINTEF MANUFACTURING ASSmarte Fabrikker og Sirkulære ProdukterIndustri og tjenestenæringen63 705 00014.12.2023
346771AKER SOLUTIONS ASAn integrated value chain for sustainable and up-scaled production, transport and installation of offshore wind substructures.Industri og tjenestenæringen68 700 00014.12.2023
346789NEKKAR ASAOptimalisation of maintenance and repair of offshore floating wind turbinesIndustri og tjenestenæringen80 000 00014.12.2023
346825SINTEF ENERGI ASMegawatt charging infrastructure for electric heavy-duty transportIndustri og tjenestenæringen67 101 00014.12.2023
346840AF OFFSHORE DECOM ASOppsirkulering av maritimt metallIndustri og tjenestenæringen80 000 00014.12.2023

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