Mandatory Project Outline before Applying for Funding for a Research Centre for Petroleum

Important dates

02 Mar 2021

Information meeting

06 Apr 2021

Deadline for project outlines

15 Sep 2021

Deadline for applications for the main call

09 Dec 2021

Decision on funding awards

Important dates


This call for project outlines qualifies applicants to submit complete applications for the call. Applicants who have not submitted a project outline by the deadline for outlines are not eligible to apply for funding through the main call for proposals. 

An objective of the call for project outlines is also to improve national coordination and interaction between different research organisations operating within the same area. The Research Council will therefore publish the title, project owner and contact persons pertaining to the project outlines to enable research groups to contact each other and potentially collaborate on the final application.

About the call for proposals

The project outline is mandatory and constitutes the first phase of the application process for the call.

Only applicants who have submitted a mandatory project outline by the stipulated deadline for outlines are eligible to apply for funding under the final application round. Applications that are not based on the project outline submitted by the stipulated deadline will be rejected. 

The main purpose is to help prevent applicants from investing great efforts in preparing applications that will clearly not be competitive in the main call for a Research Centre for Petroleum. The project outline round can be a tool that large organisations can use to prioritise and organise their initiatives, and will assist the Research Council in preparing the evaluation of the final applications.

The Research Council aims to start up two new Research Centres for Petroleum in 2022. The vision and objectives of the call are linked to the templates in the Portfolio Plan for Petroleum (in Norwegian only), particularly the main objective ‘Sustainable management of the environment, resources, nature and areas’ and more specifically, the sub-goal ‘responsible management of Norwegian petroleum resources in areas’.

The call targets subsurface understanding, which is a topic of great importance to value creation and realisation of remaining resources on the Norwegian continental shelf. The topic is also relevant to plugging and abandonment of wells. The research should target increasing the resource and reserve basis on the Norwegian continental shelf and generating an impact on value creation along the value chain from exploration to development, operation and abandonment.

Applicants must carefully read the main call for proposals (See the link above) and the document Societal and Industry-oriented Research Centre Requirements and guidelines (the document will open in a new window).

A complete list with the names of the project outline proposals, project owner and contact person will be distributed to the research organisations that have submitted an outline.

Who is eligible to apply?

Approved Norwegian research organisations may submit a project outline. See the list of approved Norwegian research organisations here

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to the Project Owner
Approved research organisations may submit a project outline.

Requirements relating to partners and user participation
Requirements are made of partners and user participation, as described in the main call and in the document Requirements and guidelines – Societal and Industry-oriented Research Centre (see links above).

What can you seek funding for?

No funding is available under this call for project outlines.

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

This is an open-ended call for project outlines and an outline can only be submitted once. It is not possible to make changes to submitted outlines, so do not click the ‘send’ button until you have finished the outline and it is ready to be submitted.

  • The project outline must be created and submitted via My RCN Web. A dedicated template must be used, which is available for download at the end of the call for outlines.
  • The project outline must be written in Norwegian or English.
  • The project outline and contact information must not exceed five pages. It will not be possible to upload more than five pages. It must be uploaded in PDF format.

Applicants will receive an immediate automatic confirmation that the project outline has been received. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the submission has been confirmed.

Administrative procedures

The project outlines will be assessed by the Research Council's administration and applicants will receive written feedback. The feedback will concern the formal requirements and whether a complete application based on the outline can be assumed to fall within the objectives and framework of the call.

No applications will be excluded on the basis of feedback on the project outlines. It is up to the applicant on independent grounds to decide whether they should prepare an application for the final round of applications. An application submitted by the final deadline for applications may be rejected if it does not meet the formal requirements set out in the call. Our feedback on the outline does not therefore entail any commitment to process the final application.

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