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Chinese-Norwegian Collaboration Projects within Climate Systems

Be aware that the text in the MOST-call and RCN call are different, but with a large thematic overlap. The application to RCN have to comply with the RCN call text. The proposal to MOST (in Chinese) have to comply with the MOST call text. The proposals to RCN and MOST should be as close as possible to identical. The proposal must be identifiable: use same title, and same Norwegian and Chinese PI in the proposals to both funders.

Important dates

09 Apr 2021

Åpen for søknad

21 May 2021


01 Jan 2022

Earliest permitted project start

01 Jun 2022

Latest permitted project start

31 May 2026

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates

Last updates

21 Apr 2021

Contacts on the Chinese side and link to Chinese call have been added under About the call for proposals.

12 Apr 2021
The RCN deadline has changed to 21 May at 13:00 CEST.


Funding is available for joint projects between Norwegian and Chinese researchers that generate knowledge on the climate system. The call aims to contribute to improved climate predictions through better understanding of processes and interactions between components of the climate system, and through development of models and methods. Of particular interest is the polar climate and its interaction with the global system.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
287 868 000
Amount awarded
79 870 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
328922Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitetPermafrost, wildfire, climate change processes, interactions, and feedbacks through co-development of Earth System Models between China and Norway (CN-coESM) N/A9 998 00021.12.2021
328960Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitetMulti-scale integration and digitalization of Arctic sea ice observations and prediction modelN/A9 997 00021.12.2021
328886Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center Towards skillful subseasonal-to-seasonal sea ice prediction (4SICE) N/A9 888 00021.12.2021
328935Universitetet i BergenAccelerated Arctic and Tibetan Plateau Warming: Processes and Combined Impact on Eurasian Climate N/A10 000 00021.12.2021
328941Norwegian Research Centre Studies of key polar ocean and climate processes with high resolution coupled climate models N/A9 988 00021.12.2021
328938Universitetet i BergenAtmosphere-Ocean Interactions over Key Regions of the Arctic and Their Linkages to MidlatitudesN/A10 000 00021.12.2021
328957UiT Norges arktiske universitetAir-snow-ice-ocean Interactions Transforming Atlantic Arctic ClimateN/A9 999 00021.12.2021
328943Universitetet i BergenMechanism and prediction on new Arctic climate systemN/A10 000 00021.12.2021

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