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The Aurora Mobility Programme – Researcher Exchange for New Collaboration Between Norway and France

Important dates

04 Aug 2021

Date call is made active

15 Sep 2021

Application submission deadline

01 Jan 2022

Earliest permitted project start

31 Dec 2023

Latest permitted project start

Important dates


The AURORA mobility programme is designed to establish and expand the contact between researh institutions in Norway and corresponding organizations in France. The purpose is to strengthen European research collaboration under Horizon Europe.

Researchers from Norway may seek support for funding for short-term visits in France for the purpose of launching and developing new joint research projects.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
1 300 000
Amount awarded
1 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
331673NORGES IDRETTSHØGSKOLEDoes ultrasound elastography provide a valid estimation of the amount of muscle damage?N/AN/A16.12.2021
331730NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUSpectral and Polarization Imaging of Specular Cultural Heritage ArtifactsN/AN/A16.12.2021
331737USN MARITIMETechnology Roadmap for Autonomous Feeder Loop ServiceN/AN/A16.12.2021
331745SINTEF ASTrustworthy Fleet Management of Edge-based SystemsN/AN/A16.12.2021
331763UNIVERSITETET I OSLOPeptoid nanotubes for cancer therapyN/AN/A16.12.2021
331828UNIVERSITETET I OSLOCross-Layer Cognition in Mobile Edge Computing (CroCoMilE)N/AN/A16.12.2021
331895SIMULA RESEARCH LABORATORY ASResearch Exchange on Emerging Topic Detection in Online Social MediaN/AN/A16.12.2021
331901UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGERGreen hydrogen technology using food waste via thermophilesN/AN/A16.12.2021
331935UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITETAdvanced processing of SAR images for the ArcticN/AN/A16.12.2021
331960UNIVERSITETET I BERGENGradient Flow Modelling of Multi-phase Flow in Deformable Porous MediaN/AN/A16.12.2021
331971NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUSimulation-based training and assessment in laparoscopic surgeryN/AN/A16.12.2021
332009UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGERIntegrative Genomics and Disease ModelingN/AN/A16.12.2021

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