Researcher Project

There are several different types of grants available under the Researcher Project application type.

When applying for Researcher Project funding, you may choose among the following three options:

  • Researcher Project
  • Young Research Talents
  • International Mobility Grants

We recommend that you choose the option that suits you best (see descriptions below and the individual calls for more information).

If you have recently defended, or will soon defend, your doctoral dissertation, the International Mobility Grant is likely your best option. This is also the application type to use if you want to experience working with a research group abroad.

Researchers with a Mobility Grant spend two years at a research organisation abroad, and a third year at a Norwegian research organisation.

About International Mobility Grants

If your application will be including funding for more people than just the project manager, you must use the Researcher Project or Young Research Talents application type, not the International Mobility Grant.

If you have the option of choosing between Young Research Talents and a Researcher Project this indicates that you are at an early stage in your career. In this case, we recommend that you consider applying for a Young Research Talents project.

About Young Research Talents

About Researcher Projects