We support milestone-driven projects that are clear on triggering effects

The purpose of a Qualification Project is to undertake initial investigations into the commercial potential of research results for the purpose of clarifying which course to pursue as regards the direction of research, technology development or strategic decisions.

The results from a completed Qualification Project will often form the basis for decisions on the next steps in the commercialisation process. If the results of the Qualification Project can be defined as a success, they may be used to form the basis for an application for further commercialisation funding in the form of a Proof-of-Concept Project.

The purpose of a Proof-of-Concept Project is to reduce the project’s uncertainty relating to technology and the market. The goal is that when the project has been finalised that the most critical questions and uncertainties have been minimised, so that the next stage of the commercialisation process can begin.


The project application for both Qualification and Proof-Of Concept Projects must clearly state what has been done prior to the application, why the project is important, what a successful project implementation will trigger and the expected long-term value creation. The main aim of the project must describe what technical and commercial aspects the applicant is seeking to achieve, clarify or trigger on completion of the project. The work packages in the project plan must be clearly linked to important elements that are critical to decision-making, with pertaining measurable milestones and deliveries. The project must be milestone-driven and market-oriented with respect to what can be defined as successful results and how these contribute to triggering the next stage of the commercialisation process.

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