Innovation Project for the Public Sector

An Innovation Project for the Public Sector is intended to lead to innovation in public sector services, administration and infrastructure, and generate research activities that will promote innovation within the sector and sustainable value creation for its users.

The need for innovation follows closely in the wake of the rapid changes taking place in the world. We expect processes to be fast and user-friendly. Products and services are to accommodate user needs while contributing more to ensure a more sustainable future for coming generations. There is also a need to develop organisational and management forms that better facilitate a resilient, profitable society.

What do we mean by innovation?

Innovations in this context are defined as new or significantly improved goods, services, processes, organisational and governance forms or models that are introduced to enhance value creation and for the benefit of society.

Who can apply for funding?

Entities from the public sector, groups of such entities and organisations representing the public sector. Any exceptions to this will be described in the call for proposals.

See Definition Public body.

What can the funding cover?

The Research Council issues calls for Innovation Projects for the Public Sector in a range of different thematic areas, and this will open the door to Innovation Projects from many sectors and service areas.

The role of the Research Council

It is the responsibility of the Research Council to increase participation among research groups, the business sector and public stakeholders in knowledge development and restructuring in the public sector. Our task is to ensure that relevant research is developed and made accessible, so that the knowledge obtained can benefit society.

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