A tax deduction scheme for companies seeking to develop a new product, service or production process.

Companies may apply for funding for projects that incorporate extensive R&D activities. An Innovation Project is to contribute significantly towards renewal and increased value creation for the companies participating in the project and for Norwegian trade and industry in general by making new knowledge and solutions available.

Under the Industrial Ph.D. scheme, companies seeking to enhance their research and development activity may apply for funding for a doctoral project. The company collaborates with a university or university college, and the doctoral project must be of clear relevance to the company’s activities.

Are to strengthen companies’ own efforts to demonstrate new technology for applications with major socio-economic benefits. Projects are to ensure expertise, value creation, job creation and a competitive industrial sector in Norway.

The PILOT-X scheme involves the co-participation of two or more funding agencies from the Norwegian research and innovation system to offer a seamless funding framework to actors in the business sector within selected thematic areas.

Are for research groups working together with the business sector to generate relevant knowledge in various areas of importance to business and industry.