Project Canvas

Project Canvas is a tool with questions that help you clarify whether you have an R&D project. It is also well suited for dialogue with actors involved in the project.

A well-prepared application starts here!

Be stronger in the application process with a well-formulated project description before applying for funding. Use the Project Canvas tool to prepare a description of your project.

What is Project Canvas?

Project Canvas is the Research Council's tool for developing your idea into a R&D project. You can use Project Canvas to develop and improve your project idea. It is well suited for dialogue with actors involved in the project, and for discussing the project idea with the Research Council's supervisors.

How to use Project Canvas?

We've created a video to help you get started using Project Canvas. Here we explain what Project Canvas is and how to use it. We use a project example in the review. You will receive tips and advice for succeeding with a research and development project.

Project canvas course (in Norwegian only)

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