The PILOT-X scheme involves the co-participation of two or more funding agencies from the Norwegian research and innovation system to offer a seamless funding framework to actors in the business sector within selected thematic areas.

The PILOT-X scheme is used to coordinate multiple types of funding instruments across funding agencies in order to:

  • accelerate the pace of development;
  • increase predictability for trade and industry;
  • expand the amount of funding available;
  • facilitate cooperation between actors in order to solve key tasks.

Projects funded under the scheme are to lead to piloting activity or the introduction of a full-scale solution. Calls for proposals under the PILOT-X scheme are targeted towards major societal challenges that are in urgent need of solutions, and are employed in areas where it is necessary to establish cooperation between actors that do not normally work together.

Target group for the PILOT-X scheme

The scheme is targeted towards consortia of two or more companies that have a complete plan from research to application, and can progress quickly. These consortia may also include entities from the public sector and other actors.

Participants under the scheme must satisfy requirements relating to internal R&D expertise or cooperation with an R&D organisation. One or more of the companies in a consortium may also be required to have industrialisation expertise and high investment capacity and interest.

Funding is available under the PILOT-X scheme for projects in selected thematic areas. All necessary information about calls for proposals, including application requirements and assessment criteria, is available here.