Regional EU networks - develop your ideas and find partners in Norway

Participating in a regional EU network can help you to find partners and increase your insight. You can also apply to the Research Council for support to establish a regional EU network.

COST – for individuals with national funding in any sector and area

COST is dedicated to Pan-European scientific cooperation in research and technology and involves 37 countries. It is open to participants from all sectors and subject areas. The objective is to build networks through research cooperation aimed at solving shared challenges (“COST Actions”). The COST approach is beneficial for researchers from academia, industry and the public and private sector at any stage in their career.

COST website

MSCA RISE – for academic personnel or employees in other sectors

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) is for personnel in academia or other sectors who are looking to work in a network and exchange knowledge. RISE is one of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions under Horizon 2020, and applicants must be part of a project group (consortium) to be eligible for funding.

EUs MSCA website

I wouldn’t have participated in these networks if I didn’t think there were major benefits.

Forsker Lone Ross Gobakken

MSCA RISE contacts

We hope COST will lower the threshold for many more Norwegians to venture out into the larger world of science.

Professor Mats Tilset

Your value as a colleague and partner grows when you’re part of a network.

Professor Pia Lane