Joint Nordic calls for proposals

NordForsk announces funding through joint Nordic research programmes in all thematic areas. To be eligible for funding, activities must normally involve the participation of researchers from at least three Nordic countries or the autonomous areas (the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland).

Funding is available for projects in national priority areas. The funding from NordForsk includes funding from national research agencies and other research funders.

Apply for funding at NordForsk´s website.

Other Nordic funding opportunities:

The Joint Committee of the Nordic Research Councils for Natural Sciences and the Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils focus on collaboration on research policy issues and do not provide funding for research projects.


Messages at time of print 8 February 2023, 11:05 CET

Important message

For the application deadline 8 February, we manage our hotline +47 22 03 72 00 from Thursday 2 February till Tuesday 7 February at CET 08.00–15.45 and Wednesday 8 February at CET 08.00-13.00.