Eurostars – for small and medium-sized enterprises

Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that carry out research and development may seek funding for R&D projects from the Eurostars Programme. To be eligible for funding, projects must seek to develop new products, services or processes to be introduced to the market within two years of project completion, and must involve international collaboration. Funding is available in all branches of industry and may address any technological area.

In order to apply for a Eurostars project and submit your application, you must create a Eurostars account.

Who is eligible to apply?

Eurostars funding primarily targets R&D-performing SMEs. Research institutes, universities, university colleges and larger enterprises may participate as partners in a project provided that it is headed by an R&D-performing SME.

Norwegian SMEs may only submit one application per call and may participate in maximum two ongoing Eurostars projects at any given time.

What can you seek funding for?

Eurostars supports R&D projects with a high potential for innovation. The consortium make-up, implementation capacity, level of research and innovation and market potential are all weighted equally.

A Eurostars project is to be a collaborative effort in which all partners have a clearly defined role in the project and an interest in the results.

Projects must involve collaboration between at least two independent partners from at least two Eurostars member countries.

The objective of the Eurostars project must be to develop a new product, process or service to be introduced to the market within two years of project completion.

Support under the scheme is defined as state aid and is granted in accordance with Article 25 of the General Block Exemption Regulation for state aid (Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014).

To be eligible for support, activities must fall within the categories of “Industrial research” or “Experimental development” as defined in Article 25(2).

Read more about Norwegian rules in Eurostars.

How to apply

  1. Check whether your company and project qualify for Eurostars funding
    Start by studying the criteria that must be met to apply for Eurostars funding in order to make sure your organisation and project are qualified. See the information below:

    a. Eligibility guidelines for applications
    b. The European Commission’s definition of an SME

  2. Establish contact with partners
    Eurostars projects are required to involve at least two partners from at least two different Eurostars member countries. It is important to identify prospective partners and start a dialogue early on.

    Visit the Enterprise Europe Network webpage for help in finding partners for your enterprise

  3. Contact our EUREKA office
    The EUREKA office at the Research Council can provide guidance and assistance with the application process. Contact information is available on the right-hand side of this page.

  4. Read the application requirements
    A single application is to be submitted on behalf of the consortium via the online application system on the Eurostars website. Guidelines for how to fill in an application form are available below:

    a. Guidelines for completing an application
    b. Using the online application system

  5. Submit your application
    Submit your application before the designated deadline. There are two application deadlines each year. To access to the online application system you must register your company on the Eurostars website and create an account. Details about the next application deadline as well as a link to the online application system are available below.

    The assessment process is administered by the EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels. The waiting time for funding decisions is approximately four months.

    The application form and all related guidelines are available on the Eurostars website.

  6. We will contact you
    If your project proposal is confirmed as being qualified for a funding award you will be contacted by the Research Council’s EUREKA office for further follow-up.

Eurostars support is co-funded through national funding and funding provided through the EU framework programme, Horizon 2020. All support for Norwegian partners in a Eurostars project is provided through the Research Council.