The next call for proposal by the SFF scheme is planned in 2025 and allocated towards the end of 2027. 

Preliminary plan for the process: 

  • Open information meeting about the Call for proposals in spring 2024
  • The planned announcement will be published on the websites in early 2025, with a tentative deadline and possibly other information 
  • Applicant webinars will be conducted when the call for proposals opens
  • There will be a two-stage application process (as before)
  • The first stage of the call for proposals will be active after the summer of 2025 with an application deadline towards the end of 2025
  • We plan to invite three times as many applications as we have funds to finance, onward to stage 2
  • The application deadline for Stage 2 will be autumn 2026
  • Allocations towards the end of 2027 

More details will be available before the announcement opens, and we reserve the right to change. 

was allocated to the centres in 2022

308million NOK


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