Public Sector Ph.D. scheme

Employers in the public sector may apply for funding under the Public Sector Ph.D. scheme for employees seeking to pursue a doctoral degree. The doctoral project must be of clear relevance to the entity’s area of responsibility.

Under the Public Sector Ph.D. scheme, public sector bodies may apply for funding for an employee seeking to pursue a doctoral degree.

The doctoral project must be of clear relevance to the entity’s area of responsibility and build knowledge and competence that is relevant and applicable to the public sphere.

The public sector body has the role as formal applicant and Project Owner in a Public Sector Ph.D. project. Candidates must be employed at the public entity, and the doctoral project has a duration of either three or four years.

The collaboration with a university or university college expands research competency and knowledge for the doctoral candidate and the public sector body as a whole.

Thus a Public Sector Ph.D. project benefits at least three parties:

  • The public sector body receives financial support for a doctoral project that can go into depth about an issue that is relevant to the entity’s area of activity.

    The public entity obtains competence tailored to its own specific framework and needs. A Public Sector Ph.D. project also offers an opportunity to establish or further develop valuable collaboration with relevant specialist communities in academia.

  • The doctoral candidate earns a Ph.D. and obtains researcher training targeting key issues in his/her field in the public sector. The candidate has the opportunity to delve more deeply into relevant research questions and help to further develop the public sector body.

    The Public Sector Ph.D. scheme also provides funding to candidates seeking to carry out part of their project at a research institution abroad.

  • The degree-conferring institution has a chance to gain insight into relevant issues in the public sector. The research institution can establish or further develop collaboration with public sector bodies of relevance to its research activities. The degree-conferring institution also gains motivated doctoral candidates with work experience and competence from the public sector.

For more information, please see the Public Sector Ph.D. call for proposals.

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