Deadlines for applications

The Research Council has some formal deadlines during the year as well as a number of funding schemes with open-ended deadlines.

See all calls for proposals with open-ended deadlines. For example, Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector is one of our calls with an open-ended application deadline.

Main application deadlines 2021

The Main application deadlines are at 13.00 (CET/CEST).

Application deadlines Application types/calls for proposals
10 February Researcher Project, all types
17 February Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project, all types
17 March

Differrent application types:

Centre for Research on Special Needs Education and Inclusive Practice (Research Centre)

Student Entrepreneurship (Commercialisation Project)

Increase Children’s and Adolescents’ Digital Skills and Understanding of Digital Technology (Coordination and Support Activity)

12 May

See all calls for proposals with this deadline.

15 September See all calls for proposals with this deadline.
20 October

Differrent application types: TBA

24 November

Differrent application types: TBA

The Research Council’s deadlines are absolute and final. The system is automatically closed to new submissions when the deadline expires. Applicants are themselves responsible for ensuring that they have submitted their applications within the deadline. It is not possible to submit a grant application after the deadline has expired, nor is it possible to update an application or provide any additional information. 

Preliminary application deadlines for 2022

The application deadlines are at 13.00 (CET/CEST).

  • First half of February 2020
    • Research project and Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project - final date (s) will be set in the spring of 2021
  • March 16: Several application types
  • May 25: Several application types
  • September 21: Several application types
  • November 16: Several application types