Researcher Project

Who can apply: Approved Norwegian research organisations.

Objective: To promote renewal and development in research across all disciplines and thematic areas.

Researcher projects are to contribute to important new insights, scientific publication, researcher training and international research collaboration.

29 %of the funding in 2022 went to Researcher Project, which is the most used application type

Innovation Project

Who can apply: Companies and public sector entities that are not research organisations.

Objective: To encourage value creation and renewal in the business and public sectors.

Innovation projects are to help to enhance competitiveness in new and existing business areas, strengthen the restructuring capacity of the Norwegian economy and the public sector, and increase interaction and knowledge transfer across stakeholders.

Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project

Who can apply: Approved Norwegian research organisations in cooperation with relevant actors from the private and/or public sector or other public or private organisations.

Objective: To promote cooperation to develop R&D expertise and capacity in areas of importance to society and business and industry.

Collaborative and knowledge-building projects are to help develop and promote new knowledge and to improve interaction and knowledge transfer between R&D groups and stakeholders in society in order to find solutions to important societal challenges.

Coordination and Support Activity

Who can apply: Approved Norwegian research organisations, companies, public sector entities, non-governmental organisations and groups of such entities.

Objective: To fund the planning, coordination and dissemination of R&D activities.

Coordination and support activities are to promote researcher mobility, national and international networks, publication, dialogue, dissemination activity and more in connection with R&D activities.

Commercialisation Project

Who can apply: Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), approved Norwegian research organisations and micro-businesses originating in research organisations and/or TTOs.

Objective: To promote greater commercial utilisation of R&D results from publicly-funded research in Norway.

Commercialisation projects are to clarify uncertainties related to the commercial utilisation of high-potential research results by answering questions that will prevent the project from moving forward in the commercialisation process if they remain unanswered

Research Centre

Who can apply: Approved Norwegian research organisations. Many calls for proposals require collaboration with trade and industry or stakeholders in the public sector.

Objective: Targeted, long-term investment to strengthen and further develop outstanding and creative research and innovation groups, or to build up research groups in areas of key strategic importance.

Research Centre provides a framework for calls under several different centre schemes that are designed to support the best research groups and lead to pioneering research and new innovations, or to strengthen key priority areas.

Research Infrastructure

Who can apply: Approved Norwegian research organisations and publicly funded administrators of research infrastructure who cooperate closely with Norwegian research organisations.

Objective: To promote and strengthen infrastructure that leads to innovative research and development.

Research Infrastructure projects are to provide Norwegian research groups and companies with access to relevant, updated infrastructure that facilitates high-quality research.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement

Calls for proposals with an application deadline from and including 2022 will include a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement at the organisational level for applicants and partners that must be met when the grant agreement is signed.

The business sector, special interest organisations and the non-profit sector are exempt from the requirement.

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