Ph.D. fellowships at the European University Institute

The European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, is an international, research-performing university for doctoral and post-doctoral studies within the EU system.

To menn sitter foran utsikt over Firenze
The European University Institute is located in beautiful surroundings in Florence, Italy. Photo: EUI

The Research Council of Norway has an agreement with the EUI under which the EUI may admit up to four new doctoral candidates each year with three-year doctoral fellowships granted by the Research Council in the following subject areas:

  • History and Civilisation
  • Law
  • Political and Social Sciences
  • Economics

Annual application deadline

The application deadline for EUI doctoral fellowships is 31 January each year. The call for application will be launched on the EUI website on 1 November.

The admissions application must be sent directly to the EUI. The application to the EUI automatically serves as an application to the Research Council for a doctoral fellowship.


Candidates who are admitted to the EUI will receive a three-year doctoral fellowship from the Research Council. They will also receive an Overseas Research Grant for the first year of study.

EUI doctoral fellows may apply directly to the EUI for funding for a fourth year, provided that satisfactory progress has been made on the doctoral thesis. If the EUI awards a grant for a fourth year, doctoral fellows who have received Research Council funding for the first three years may apply to the Research Council for an Overseas Research Grant for the fourth year.

For more information about the application requirements and other conditions, as well as access to the application form when it is made available, please see the EUI website.

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