Description of the Research Council's data

The Research Council's data base contains a number of characteristics of the applications that are submitted and the projects that are awarded funding.

The published data are in accordance with rules and regulations regarding confidential information such as

  • personal information
  • trade secrets
  • stock market sensitive information

Applications to the Research Council mainly come to set application deadlines where the individual funding activities announce funding.

Want to know more about the evaluation process?

The various funding activities (various thematic programs, free project support, center schemes, support for infrastructure etc) in the Research Council are organized in a hierarchy of instruments (top level), main activities and financing activities (detailed level).

All applications or approved projects also have relevant information

  • the call application has been submitted to
  • the outcome of the application process (project phase)
  • application type and project type
  • subject areas and information about the lead organization and project manager

Information on subjects is very general for applications that have not been awarded, and for applications for Free Project Support it is not possible to distinguish the different subject areas from each other within the calls for proposals before 2018.

The project bank is a useful tool for looking at the different hierarchies that are linked to instruments, disciplines and lead organization.

Only those projects that receive grants and follow-up from the Research Council are included - not activities where the Research Council is only responsible for receiving applications.

Applications that have been withdrawn, closed or rejected are not included in the data.

The Research Council's data base is updated four times a year after each main application deadline.

Tips before using the data

  • Are you going to look at all applications or only those who have been granted?
    Use project phase.
  • What types of applications do you want to include?
    Use the application type.
  • Are all funding activities relevant?
    Use instrument, main activity, or activity.
  • Are you going to narrow your search when it comes to the project manager?
    Use sector, category, or name of Project Owner.
  • Are there any disciplines that are particularly relevant?
    Use discipline, subject or discipline.
  • Are you going to narrow your search regarding project period, or submission date?
    Use the project's from-year to-year or application date.

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