Evaluation of Medicine and Health Sciences (EVALMEDHELSE)

The Research Council are now evaluating Norwegian medicine and health research, as the second evalation of the of two evaluations within life sciences (2022-2024).

The evaluation of biosciences took place in 2022 – 2023.   

What's happening now 

The evaluation of medicine and health research is now in the 3rd and final phase of the evaluation. The eight evaluation committees that will evaluate the 68 enrolled administrative units will start their work mid-April 2024. The members of the evaluation committees are international experts who possess broad scientific competence, both professional competence and other qualifications such as experience with management, strategy and evaluation work and knowledge exchange. All committee members are appointed by the Research Council.  

The 68 administrative units are distributed in eight sector-specific committees; four committees for administrative units belonging to the higher education sector (HEI), one committee for administrative units from the institute sector, and three committees for administrative units from the health trusts.  

The chairs of the eight evaluation committees will prepare a national report for medicine and health research. The national report is due to be completed by 1 March 2025. No evaluation reports will be made public before the spring of 2025. 

The evaluation secretariat in Technopolis Group is responsible for the implementation of EVALMEDHELSE in the periode 15 March 2024 to 1 March 2025.  

For more information, please see the Norwegian website. 

The evaluation's three phases  

Initial phase  

The Research Council prepare an evaluation protocol that describes roles, processes and the responsibilities in the evaluation work. The protocol sets the framework for the design of evaluation mandates for each individual institution by specifying overall evaluation dimensions and common evaluation criteria.   

Phase 1  

The aim for phase 1 is to design evaluation mandates for the individual institution. The institutions take the evaluation protocol as a starting point and adapt the mandate to the institution's own strategies and characteristics.   

Phase 2  

In phase 2, the institutions and the Research Council work to collect data for the evaluation. The data is partly obtained from national databases and partly locally. The Research Council will provide analyzes of the data base that will be used to assess common mandatory evaluation criteria, while the institutions will collect other data that will be used as a basis for assessing their own strategies.   

Phase 3  

In phase 3, the Evaluation Committees will assess the data that has been collected. The Committees will prepare a report for each of the institutions that are evaluated based on the evaluation mandate for each individual institution. In addition, the Committee will write a summary assessment of the research.  

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