Evaluation of biosciences

Subject assessments of life sciences has been ongoing since 2022 and 14. In March 2024, the national report of the evaluation was launched. The main objective of the subject evaluation is to assess the quality of Norwegian bioscience research, the framework conditions for the research and the relevance of the research to key areas of society.

Subject assessments of life sciences has been conducted as a three-level evaluation. First, 97 research groups were evaluated in five international expert panels divided by discipline and across sectors (evaluation period December 2022-April 2023). Subsequently, the administrative units of the research groups (22 enrolled administrative units), which are the main object of evaluation in EVALBIOVIT, were evaluated in three sector-specific evaluation committees (evaluation period February-December 2023).

The three evaluation committees, which have consisted of a total of 18 international experts (ten men (56%) and eight women (44%) from nine countries), possess broad scientific competence, both professional competence and other qualifications such as experience with management, strategy and evaluation work and knowledge exchange. The chairs of the three evaluation committees have prepared a national report for life sciences research which was presented at the launch seminar on 14 March 2024 (working period December 2023-February 2024).

For more information, please see the Norwegian website.

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