The world's largest floating wind power project

Hywind Tampen is a floating wind power project and will be the first in the world to power offshore oil and gas platforms.

Illustrasjonsfoto som viser vindmølle som motiv på frimerke

Equinor’s offshore wind farm will be a test environment for further development of offshore wind. The floating design of the turbines allows them to be placed in areas of the sea where the water is too deep for bottom-fixed turbines. The wind farm is located approximately 140 km off the Norwegian coast, west of Sognefjorden. The turbines in the park will be about 190 metres tall with a rotor diameter of 167 metres. The offshore wind farm will consist of eleven wind turbines and be able to supply five selected oil platforms with 35 per cent of their annual electrical power requirements. The project will reduce CO2 emissions by 200,000 tonnes and NOx emissions by 1,000 tonnes a year. The farm‘s annual production is estimated to represent approximately ten per cent of Norway’s total wind power production.

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