Follow-up on the report on policy for research institutes

The Research Council has drawn up a report with recommendations for policy on research institutes based on evaluations of the four institute groups.

The report, entitled En målrettet og effektiv instituttpolitikk [A targeted, effective research institute policy] (Norwegian only), was made available in November 2018 for open review. After the review process, minor changes were made to the report before it was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research in January 2019.

On the basis of the report and the ministries’ efforts to develop a new, cohesive policy for research institutes the Research Council will draw up a new strategy for research institutes.

See the revised report on institute policy (pdf in Norwegian only)

Broad response from the university and institute sector

Much of the input from the review process concerned framework conditions for the sector. While the research institutes are positive towards an increase in their basic funding, the university and university college sector was more sceptical, and questioned how such an increase would be funded.

Responses to the consultative review of the report (pdf in Norwegian only).

Evaluations of the four institute arenas