Research Council activities relating to health

Major demographic changes combined with higher expectations for medical technology pose challenges to health and care services. The Research Council’s portfolio comprises roughly 10 per cent of public funding for health research. We provide funding for activities ranging from basic biomedical research to targeted and applied health research to research-based innovation in the private and public sectors.

was allocated for this thematic area in 2018

1 700million NOK

The Project Databank provides statistics and information about the projects funded by the Research Council within this thematic area.

Statistics on research and innovation activities in Norway’s health and care sector. The aim is to present relevant statistics in one place and provide a good basis for decision-making at all levels.

The strategy lays the foundation for targeted, integrated and coordinated efforts on research, development and innovation in the health and care sector.

Key programmes for this thematic area

Activities under the Research Council’s programmes extend across multiple thematic areas. The programmes listed here are the largest contributors of funding for this thematic area.

  • scientific quality at the forefront of international research 
  • boldness in scientific thinking and innovation 
  • careers for young research talents  

Services research and innovation for enhanced quality, competency and efficiency in the health and care services, the labour and welfare services, and child and family welfare services.

  • The SFF scheme gives Norway’s foremost scientific circles the opportunity to organise their activities in centres that seek to achieve ambitious scientific objectives.
  • The research conducted at the centres must be innovative and have major potential to generate ground-breaking results that advance the international research frontier. 

Infrastructure that facilitates high-quality research. 

  • electronic infrastructure (e-infrastructure) 
  • scientific databases  
  • scientific collections 
  • scientific equipment 
  • large-scale research facilities, laboratories 
  • high potential for value creation for companies and society
  • companies willing and motivated to conduct research-based innovation activities
  • companies with an international perspective
  • companies that dare to take risks
  • development of the agricultural, marine, industrial and health sectors
  • biotechnology and society
  • international cooperation
  • industrial development
  • expertise and infrastructure
  • clinical research
  • patient-oriented issues
  • personalised medicine
  • health data and biological material in clinical research
  • prevention and treatment of infectious diseases  
  • family planning, reproductive health 
  • research on health care systems and health care policy 
  • implementation research 
  • innovation in technology and method development 
  • promote health and quality of life
  • reduce social inequalities in health
  • encourage methodological development and analytical capacity, improve the evidence base
  • develop and strengthen user involvement, personal privacy, communication and dissemination activities
  • promote and develop research-based innovation

The IKTPLUSS initiative is the Research Council’s large-scale strategic initiative on information technology and digital innovation. Its objectives are to enhance quality, promote bold thinking, and increase the relevance of Norwegian ICT research.