Important dates related to the calls and the evaluation process


The projects awarded funding will be announced in the beginning of September

15 Mar 2023

Application submission deadline for Researcher Project for Young Talents (FRIPRO)

Spring 2023

The call for proposals will be published

We will publish a preliminary call for proposal as soon as the framework for the call has been decided.

Autumn 2023

Application submission deadline

Spring 2024

The projects awarded funding will be announced

You will receive an answer to your application and the results will be published on our website.  

Important dates related to the calls and the evaluation process

New requirements and restrictions in 2023

The Norwegian Government has decided that approximately 25 per cent of FRIPRO applications shall be granted. To achieve this, we must make significant changes to the call for proposals and the application process compared with previous years. The changes will be in place and communicated well in advance of the application deadline in 2023. It may also be appropriate to introduce further changes to subsequent calls for proposals if proven necessary. 

The changes will be made in close dialogue with the research organizations, The Research Council's Executive Board and FRIPRO's three portfolio boards.

The assessment criteria (Excellence - Potential for advancing the state of the art and Quality in R&D activities) are still the most important when applications are selected for funding from FRIPRO, and only the best researchers with particularly good applications will be able to succeed. In 2022, approximately 25 % of applications with a mark of 6 or 7 on all assessment criteria received funding.

About Groundbreaking research (FRIPRO)

New knowledge often arises in unexpected ways and in areas that cannot be predicted. Free, basic research is therefore important to scientific renewal and renewal in the field of practice and can form the basis for more applied research, business development and policymaking. FRIPRO aims to contribute to this, and we announce funding for basic and applied research projects in all disciplines where the ideas for projects originate with the researchers themselves.

Innovative and outstanding research for major advances

FRIPRO will promote

  • scientific quality at the international research front
  • bold and innovative research
  • career development and international mobility for young scientists

No one can know the exact results or future value of a research project, but we can always dream big and aim for research that can lead to significant advances in the field. Through FRIPRO, we are willing to invest in bold research with a high risk potential. We expect grant applications for such projects to have good risk planning and back-up plans.

For research organisations and career development

Through FRIPRO, we want to reach researchers at different stages of their career. We therefore announce funding every year via the application type Researcher Project [link] under the three calls Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal, Researcher Project for Young Talents and Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility. In addition, project managers for Researcher Project for Young Talents/Young Research Talents may apply for funding for stays abroad of 3–12 months.

FRIPRO targets research groups, which means that only research organisations, potentially in cooperation with other research organisations, may apply for this funding. Companies and other undertakings cannot be partners but may deliver R&D services to the projects as sub-contractors.

The portfolio boards make the decision

The portfolio boards for Humanities and social sciences, Life science and Natural Sciences and technologies make the final decision on whether to grant or reject FRIPRO applications.

Humanities and social sciences

Siri Tønseth

    Banebrytende forskning

Life science

Line Tangerås

    Banebrytende forskning

Natural sciences and technologies

Heidi Roggen

    Banebrytende forskning

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