Sending invoices electronically to the Research Council

EHF is the Norwegian official standard for electronic invoicing. Under the Digitalization Circular, the Research Council of Norway is obliged, as a government agency, to fully digitalize its management of invoices and credit notes.

Suppliers from Europe can start sending e-invoices: OpenPEPPOL (

Invoices are received and processed electronically.

If you have not started using electronic invoices, we recommend that you contact your invoicing or accounting system supplier. You can find information following this link (in Norwegian). 

If you need to send a small number of invoices to the Research Council, you can use this invoice portal to send us electronic invoices.

The invoice must contain one of the following:

  • Project number for invoices that concern research projects that receive funding from the Research Council
  • The initials or name of the contact person at the Research Council
  • Order number for the relevant order

Foreign suppliers must use the format PEPPOL BIS. The country code 0192 must precede our organisation number as follows: 0192:970141669 (this is our participant ID).

If an EHF invoice is returned, it is because the references provided are invalid. In such case, please contact the Research Council employee you have been in contact with and then correct the invoice with the correct references.

Reminders about grants: Reminders shall not be sent about grants that have not been received from the Research Council (under the contract). Please contact the project’s case officer instead.

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