The Decade of Ocean Science in Norway

Norway conducts high-level ocean research. However, ambitions are high when it comes to improving the marine environment, ensuring good management and increasing our use of the ocean. A document comprising proposed priority areas at the national level has been prepared, and the Research Council’s Ocean Secretariat is responsible for coordinating the Norwegian efforts.

Proposed priority areas

The Ocean Secretariat established an expert group in 2019 tasked with proposing Norwegian contributions and priorities linked to the Decade of Ocean Science. In October 2020, the document ‘The UN Decade of Ocean Science – Proposed priority areas’ was launched. The expert group was headed by Peter Haugan and comprised eight members from research, industry and non-profit organisations.

Read more: Decade of Ocean Science – Proposed priority areas (PDF)

The proposed priority areas are primarily intended to give the ministries a signal that intensive efforts are required. In addition, the Research Council encourages ministries, research institutions, industry, non-profit organisations and others to use the document in their work on priorities, strategies and initiatives. The Research Council will use the proposed priority areas as a basis for prioritising research efforts. 

National Ocean Decade Committee of Norway

The National Committee is tasked with ensuring that Norwegian efforts will achieve the Ocean Decades goals. The committee will be giving advice, exchange information, act as decade ambassadors and be involved in different activities.

Read more about the committee and see the members here.

International involvement

The Ocean Decade has established a number of boards and groups to ensure good implementation of the Decade. Norway is represented in several of them.

The Research Council’s Ocean Secretariat

The Research Council’s Ocean Secretariat is tasked with intensifying Norway’s work on important ocean initiatives at the national and international level where research plays a key part. The Ocean Secretariat is responsible for coordinating and following up Norwegian efforts related to the Decade of Ocean Science. The Ocean Secretariat was given its remit by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Education and Research, and the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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