Norwegian Ocean Data Forum

How to collect, share and use data in the best possible way to increase our ocean knowledge are important questions in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for sustainable development. Norwegian Ocean Data Forum gathers central stakeholders to increase the common understanding of problems and solutions about data sharing.

The purpose of Norwegian Ocean Data Forum is to increase the common understanding of the importance of sharing ocean data, identify barriers for data sharing and to suggest ways to remove such barriers. The forum will facilitate research, innovation, management, and sustainable growth through shared ocean data. 


The members of the Forum are: NTNU, SINTEF, Institute of Marine Research, UiT the Arctic University, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norwegian Polar Institute, DNV, HuB Ocean, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Norad the Norwegian agency for development cooperation, Norwegian Coastal Administration, BarentsWatch, The Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hurtigruten, Seafood Norway and Kongsberg Discovery. The Research Council of Norway act as observer.

UN Ocean Decade, "an ocean of data"

In the Proposed Priority Areas for Norwegian efforts under the UN Decade of Ocean Science, one of the areas are “An ocean of data”. The 2030 goal is that “Cooperation on the collection, storage, analysis and sharing of data is the norm.” Norwegian Ocean Data Forum is an initiative taken by the National Ocean Decade Committee of Norway to reach the goal. 


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