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The Ocean Decade is everyone’s Decade, so anyone can participate, and everyone has a role to play no matter how big or small the contribution.

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Everyone can be a part of the Ocean Decade by joining the digital ocean decade network Global Stakeholder Forum. Sign up to the forum here

Ocean Decade calls

The Ocean Decade Unit (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO) will use four different ‘Decade Actions’:

  1. Programmes are major multi-annual and multinational initiatives that will comprise projects, activities and contributions. Programmes will be implemented at the global or regional (e.g. ocean area) level. A typical programme will be interdisciplinary in nature.
  2. Projects are of a shorter duration and will typically target a more specific research field. They will often, but not always, be part of the programmes that have been ‘approved’.
  3. Activities can be individual events such as workshops, conferences, communication campaigns etc. They can be part of a programme, or individual events.
  4. Contributions are in-kind or financial resources to implement the Decade Actions or support the coordination of the Decade.

The Decade of Ocean Research will issue calls for Decade Actions several times a year. You do not apply for money, but for approval of the Action.

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National calls

At the national level, the Research Council will conduct calls for proposals. The scope and topics will depend on the funding available. The first call was launched in October 2021. The calls will be published on our website.

Interdisciplinarity, cooperation across sectors and between countries
are key elements of the Decade and will be so also central in the national calls. The proposed priority areas in our national report will be the basis for the calls.

In 2021 The Research Councils Ocean Research "Values of the Ocean" was endorsed as an official contribution to the Ocean Decade. Read more about the programme.

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