Policy on Open Science

The Research Council aims to make research outputs and research processes as open as possible. Our new policy for open science emphasises open research processes, open innovation, participation and citizen science.

The policy aims to contribute to a well-functioning research system, sustainable social development and to strengthen confidence in research. Through this policy, we take a holistic approach to the work of open research and innovation. The policy clarifies what the Research Council should do and what we should do in collaboration with other institutions to stimulate more open research in the Norwegian research and innovation system.

In order to get input from stakeholders, we have had two open consultations during the development of the policy. The policy was launched in January 2020.

The final consultation was due September 27, 2019. You can find the responses here:

The first consultation had a deadline in February 2019. You can find the responses here:

About medical and health studies involving people

For medical and health studies involving people, the Research Council sets special requirements and guidelines for prospective registration of studies and publication of results.

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