Passport required, but no visa
A visit to and/or travel within Svalbard does not require visa. However a transit through the Schengen Area, including mainland Norway, from outside the area may require a visa. All travelers present their passports before boarding flights to Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

There are no roads between the settlements. Small aircraft fly regularly from Longyearbyen to Ny-Ålesund. The other settlements can be reached by boat, helicopter or snowmobile.


Air travel
Commercial airlines have regularly scheduled flights to Svalbard Airport, Longyearbyen. SAS and Norwegian fly to Longyearbyen, but not every day especially during winter season.

A shuttle bus runs between Longyearbyen and the airport. It waits outside the terminal when planes arrive and stops at all the hotels and the Svalbard Science Centre. It departs for the airport about two hours before scheduled departing flights. Check with your hotel reception for the exact time.

Port facilities and shipping
- The Port of Longyearbyen (Bykaia) is close to the city centre on the way toward the airport.

Transportation of goods to and from Svalbard:
- Bring Cargo Svalbard AS 

Local transportation within Longyearbyen
There are several opportunities if you need bus transport, taxi or cars for rent:

- Svalbard Busservice AS +47 79 02 10 52
- Spitsbergen Buss AS     +47 954 57 597

- Longyearbyen Taxi AS +47 79 02 13 75
- Svalbard Buss og Taxi +47 79 02 13 05
- Svalbard Maxi Taxi AS +47 79 02 13 05

- Arctic Autorent AS +47 91 70 22 58
- Svalbard Auto AS   +47 79 02 49 30
IGP - Snowmobile and rentals +47 79 02 32 00

Out of Longyearbyen

Helicopters and airplanes
- Lufttransport AS +47 79 02 47 70

Charter boat with skipper:
- Arctica S/Y
- Henningsen Transport & Guiding AS +47 4004 9171
- MV Ulla Rinman +49 173 5320015

Small boat rental:
- Hurtigruten +47 79 02 61 00
- Norwegian Polar Institute +47 79 02 26 10

IGP - Snowmobile and rentals +47 79 02 32 00
Svalbard Snøscooterutleie AS +47 79 02 46 61
- Norwegian Polar Institute +47 79 02 26 10



The research settlement Ny-Ålesund is located about 100 km northwest of Longyearbyen. There are two or three scheduled flights per week all year round, and it is possible to charter extra flights. During the summer season the harbour is open and cargos ships, research vessels and cruise liners visit regularly.

Travel to and from Ny-Ålesund is mainly arranged through Kings Bay AS. Personnel involved in research projects in Ny-Ålesund will usually be affiliated with one of the research institutions. If not, contact the Norwegian Polar Institute's Sverdrup Station.

RiS ID mandatory
Researchers will need to register their project in the Research in Svalbard portal (RiS) and book flights directly through the registered projects. The booking will then first go to the affiliated research institutions for approval and then to Kings Bay for final booking of transportation and lodging services in Ny-Ålesund.

Go to the Research in Svalbard Portal to register and update projects, apply the Governor for environmental permissions and to book flight to, stay and services in Ny- Ålesund.


You must arrange your own transportation to Barentsburg. Contact Trust Arktikugol, UNIS, the Norwegian Polar Institute, or your own institution for assistance.

Commercial companies offer boat excursions to Barentsburg on a regular basis during summer season (May-September). See Visit Svalbard for more information.

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