While some research activities in Svalbard do not require prior consent, other research activities may be subject to the approval of several government bodies.

Most of Norway's legislation applies to the Svalbard islands and regulates a number of research-relevant activities in the archipelago. Researchers and research institutions must familiarize themselves with applicable regulations and obtain all relevant permits from Norwegian authorities before initiating their research activities in Svalbard.

Svalbard-specific Norwegian legislation, notably the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act (2001) and regulations, is highly relevant to all field research in the archipelago. More often than not, field research will require an exemption from the environmental regulations and/or a permit from the Governor of Svalbard. For more information about activities that require the Governor's consent, see the Governor's guide to researchers in Svalbard.

Here you find information about bodies that may be relevant if you are conducting research in Svalbard.

Here you find legislation for conducting research in Svalbard.

Here you can find practical information about planning your fieldwork. 

Here you find information that will help you plan the logistics of your research in Svalbard.

Here you find information about safety precautions you must take when doing research in Svalbard.

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