Standard land-line telephones
Svalbard is connected to the telephone network on the Norwegian mainland via fibre optic cable. Payphones that accept phone cards are also available in the settlements. The Norwegian country code +47 is also used in Svalbard.

Standard ISDN- and analogue telephone lines are operated by the Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor. Costs for phone calls are based on Norwegian rates. This service is available in:
- Longyearbyen
- Ny-Ålesund
- Barentsburg
- Svea

Mobile phones
GSM phones can be used in:
- Longyearbyen
- Barentsburg
- Svea

Important notice! Ny-Ålesund is a radio-silent area and all use of wireless equipment is prohibited. This includes mobile phones and wireless equipment on laptops.

Institutions involved in research and education in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund have access to internet communication with broadband capability. Public internet is available at Longyearbyen Library and Fruene Café (both in Lompensenteret), and Basecamp Spitsbergen AS. Most of the hotels in Longyearbyen offer wireless internet, and the North Pole Hotel in Ny-Ålesund provides internet access via cable in each room.

Satellite phones
The Iridium system is commonly used in Svalbard, and phones are available for rent.

Inmarsat can be used, but is not recommended owing to the system's limited range at high latitudes.

Radio communications
HF and VHF equipment can be rented from the Norwegian Polar Institute. 

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