Committee on sharing and reuse of research data

Unresolved issues regarding rights and licenses often prevent the results of research from being made publicly available.

The Ministry of Education and Research asked the Research Council of Norway and UNIT to set up a committee to examine rights and licensing issues related to sharing of data sets produced in scientific research. The Research Council served as secretariat for the committee. 

Read the final reportHow should we share research data? Report and recommendations relating to licensing and making research data available (PDF).

In 2020 the committee submitted a memo "Research data in a data-driven society" (pdf in Norwegian) to the Ministry of Education and Research. This memo served as a starting point for an open consultation. In the memo, the committee describes the issues they believe should be addressed more thoroughly, what structural changes should be considered in order to achieve more sharing and reuse of research data in Norway, and which legislation is relevant for these issues.

Submission of comments

Individuals, networks, institutions and organisations in all sectors were invited to submit their views on the topics addressed in the memo.

The committee are now reviewing all submitted comments and will consider which parts of the memo that needs further discussion and which parts that should be included in the final report. A draft of the report will be completed before summer. The draft will be subject to of a second round of inputs from stakeholders. The final report from the committee will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research before autumn 2021.

On March 25th, the committee facilitated an online meeting on various topics addressed in the memo. You can watch a recording of the webinar here (in Norwegian).

About the committee

The committee considered rights and license issues related to the sharing of data sets in research by reviewing relevant legislation, describing different types of licenses and assessing the consequences of different license choices.

Read the committee's mandate (pdf in Norwegian).

Members of the committee

The members of the committee represented different disciplines in the research sector. Representatives from universities, colleges and institutes in different parts of the country, as well as representatives from the business sector and the general public, constitute the committee. Two of the members were jurists specialising in intellectual property law/privacy law.

These were the members of the committee:

Name Position Employer, geographic area

Magnus Aronsen, chair of the committee 

Associate Professor, Molecular Cardiology 

UiO/OUS Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Oslo 

Koenraad de Smedt 

Professor, Computional linguistics 

UiB, Bergen 

Ingrid Heggland 

Senior Research Librarian 

NTNU, Trondheim 

Liv Dingsør 


DigitalNorway, Oslo 

Stein Tronstad 

Head of Section  

Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø 

Ole Petter Pedersen 


Teknisk Ukeblad 

Inger Berg Ørstavik 


University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, Oslo 

Tobias Mahler 


University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, Oslo 

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