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Opportunities for cooperation with Korea and Japan in Horizon Europe

Target group:

EU-and international advisers, project leaders, researchers and businesses



Registration deadline:

January 10 kl 15.00


Live streaming, video recording will be available

11 Jan 2023 09:00–11:30

About the event

The EU's international strategy for research and innovation "Global Approach" was launched in May 2021. Horizon Europe is a key program for implementing the EU's ambition to take a leading global role in research and innovation through cooperation with international partners outside Europe. Norway has as an ambition to increase cooperation with countries outside Europe through it's Panorama Strategy and through the participation in Horizon Europe.

In this webinar we shine a spotlight on the EU's cooperation with Korea and Japan: What are the European Commission's plans and ambitions? How are the countries approaching Horizon? We will also take a closer look at opportunities for Norwegian researchers to collaborate with Japan and Korea in Horizon Europe.

Japan and South Korea are prioritized countries for cooperation for both the EU and for Norway. Japan is the third largest research nation in the world in terms of R&D expenditure and in number of researchers. Korea is one of the countries in the world that invests the largest proportion of GDP in research and innovation and is considered by several international rankings to be one of the world's most innovative countries. Both countries are important trade partners for Norway in Asia and offer market opportunities in renewable energy/hydrogen, the maritime and marine sector, health and health technology and smart societies.
The webinar is held in English.



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