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Open digital café: Horizon Europe – cluster 6 – Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and the environment

Target group:

Researchers, companies, the public sector, special interest organisations, project coordinators, applicants, everyone interested in cluster 6

Registration deadline:

April 21 kl 09:00


Live streaming

21 Apr 2023 09:00–09:50

About the event

Join our open digital café for cluster 6 in Horizon Europe!

Europe and the world must tackle climate change and its consequences for people and the environment, a growing world population in need of food, and create a resilient post-pandemic society. For this, we need a green and digital transformation that includes everyone.

Cluster 6 - Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment. Horizon Europe is tasked with creating opportunities and solutions for this transformation. The activities in the cluster will contribute to good management of our natural resources, sufficient and safe food from land and sea, ensure clean water, promote bio-based products and a circular bioeconomy, and in this way counteract climate change, environmental damage and loss of biodiversity.

Read more and find the work program for the cluster here

We welcome all stakeholders interested in preparing project proposals for this cluster. We also welcome other people who are just curious about the possibilities in cluster 6. There will be special focus on project proposals to be submitted aimed at Horizon Europe cluster 6. We invite people who are already participating in EU projects and as evaluators to share their experiences.


We want an informal dialogue and therefore have no agenda. The purpose is to create an arena where participants are willing to share questions, challenges, ideas and discuss them together. The content of the open café is thus driven by participants.

Find contact information for the NCP team working on cluster 6 here!


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