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Test Application Commercialisation Project

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For demo and/or test purpose.

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Relevant thematic areas for this call

Trade and industry

Health, Animal health, ICT industry, Fisheries and aquaculture, Forests and wood, Agriculture, Food industry, Oil, gas, Energy, Processing industry, Manufacturing industry, Building, construction and mining, Transport and communications, Travel and tourism, Finance and banking, Media and culture, Telecommunications, Aviation, Space exploration, Shipping, Police, fire and rescue, defence, Smart city, Gaming and entertainment, Sports, training, Education, Textile industry, Industry-independent sector

Practical information


To what extent is the project based on promising R&D results (not open source) that are sufficiently mature and will thereby contribute to developing new products, processes and services that will be significant improvements relative to existing solutions (state-of-the-art) within the same area?

i. Research results:
• To what extent is the research base underlying the project adequately described, and to what extent are the results considered to be sufficiently mature to initiate a process towards commercialisation?

ii. Degree of innovation:
• To what extent is the state-of-the-art described and to what extent do the research results represent innovation that can contribute to significant improvements of existing solutions (state-of-the-art) within the same area?


To what extent does the project have long-term potential for value creation and how likely is it that the innovation will be successfully realised?

i. Market insight and areas of application:
• To what extent are potential areas of application/markets targeted by the project quantified and accounted for?
• To what extent is the competition situation identified and accounted for?

ii. Strategy for realisation:
• To what extent does the application outline a realistic long-term strategy for realising the innovation, and to what extent are the details considered to be sufficiently accounted for given the project’s current level or maturity, e.g. investment needs, human resources needs, expected revenues, logistics distribution etc.?

iii. Risks, conditions and rights:
• To what extent does the application explain the full risk situation and the conditions and rights that must be in place for successful commercialisation?

iv. Benefit to society and sustainability:
• To what extent are the relevant societal challenges and the potential impacts of the project accounted for?


To what extent is the project sufficiently feasible, and does the application clearly outline what the project seeks to achieve, clarify and/or trigger upon completion?

i. Project plan:
• To what extent does the application outline a realistic implementation plan, including milestones, deliveries, activities and methods, which are clearly based on what the project seeks to achieve, clarify or trigger upon completion?
• To what extent does the application adequately and convincingly outline the anticipated results of the project upon completion?

ii. Management, team and expertise:
• To what extent is the project considered to have access to the necessary resources and expertise, and to what extent does the project have a plan for involving external actors (mentors, customers, partners, investors, stakeholders, relevant social actors etc.)?

iii. Budget:
• To what extent is the budget and the financing realistic, cost-effective, and clearly rooted in the project's plans and resource needs?

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Applications for Test Application Commercialisation Project should be created on My RCN Web. Application templates should be filled and uploaded in the application.

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For the application deadline 24 April, we manage our hotline +47 22 03 72 00 Monday 22 April and Thursday 23 April at CEST 08.00–15.45 and Wednesday 24 April at CEST 08.00-13.00.