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Funding for Norwegian Equine Research

Stiftelsen Hästforskning (SHF) announces funding for Equine Research with application deadline for sketches May 29 at 2 p.m.

The overall goal is that approved projects should contribute to increased knowledge that promotes horses' health, reproduction, welfare as well as sustainability and performance. The projects shall, for example, contribute to increased knowledge about optimal horse management, training and competition of trotting horses, effects of a high degree of inbreeding, methods to identify different types of injuries, poor health and positive welfare indicators at an early stage or the development of improved diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of common diseases.

The call has two priority areas with the following theme:

Veterinary medicine, animal science and technology/natural sciences
  • Health
  • Reproduction and breeding
  • Fodder, breeding and horse keeping
  • Technology development
  • Welfare in the use of and communication with the horse
Social sciences and humanities
  • The relationship between horse and man
  • The relationship between horse and society
  • The relationship between horse and environment
  • Welfare in the use of and communication with the horse


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