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The Aurora Mobility Programme – Researcher Exchange for New Collaboration Between Norway and France

Important dates

10 Aug 2022

Date call is made active

21 Sep 2022

Application submission deadline

01 Jan 2023

Earliest permitted project start

01 Jun 2023

Latest permitted project start

31 Dec 2024

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The support provided through the AURORA mobility programme shall contribute to establish and expand the contact between research institutions in Norway and corresponding organizations in France. The purpose is to strengthen European research collaboration under Horizon Europe.

Researchers from Norway may seek support for funding for short-term visits in France for the purpose of launching and developing new joint research projects.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
2 425 000
Amount awarded
1 188 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
341376HELSE BERGEN HFImpact of Diving on Vascular HealthInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 94 00022.12.2022
340782UNIVERSITETET I AGDEREquivalent nonlinear control methods for digitalization in robotics and autonomous systemsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341136UNIVERSITETET I BERGENEstablishing a research foundation for collaboration on viruses infecting PavlovophyceaeInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 40 00022.12.2022
341188UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERITETExploring and leveraging energy monitoring on End-to-End worst edge-fog-cloud continuum for observatories deployed in extreme environmentsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341190UNIVERSITETET I OSLOTracking geophysical and geodetic signals of magma-structure coupling using analog and numerical modellingInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 49 00022.12.2022
341207UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERITETAurora Mobility Program - Methodological approaches to drug use in observational studiesInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341252OSLO UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUS HFOpenLiverLab - Open source library for the liver, from images to cliniciansInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341215NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUSporeHybrids - Combination of bacterial spores displaying light reactive proteins with upconverting nanoparticles.Internasjonalt samarbeidNOK 97 00022.12.2022
341291UNIVERSITETET I OSLOTimed strategies for rewrite-based symbolic analysis of real-time systemsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 75 00022.12.2022
341302UNIVERSITETET I BERGENLearning and Reasoning in Knowledge Graph EmbeddingsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341325NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUEnabling multi-physics energy harvesting for in-vivo applicationsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 71 00022.12.2022
341349UNIVERSITETET I OSLOPerceptual-cognitive information processing and the psychology of sustainabilityInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 100 00022.12.2022
341425NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGStructuring collaboration in the field of environmental dynamics and impacts of contaminants of emerging concern in marine environmentsInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 82 00022.12.2022
341438UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITETAllostatic load in a multiethnic study population - the SAMINOR StudyInternasjonalt samarbeidNOK 80 00022.12.2022

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